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What is the role of Remote Sensing and GIS in Disaster Management, what other initiatives are going on, how can GDIN take advantage of them and provide added value, i.e., the Open GIS?

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The GIS/Remote Sensing Panel included presentations from a national government representative, two UN representatives, and two industry representatives. The panel articulated a number of issues and opportunities regarding GIS and Remote Sensing and GDIN. There was apparent consensus on several key items:

1) GIS and remote sensing are playing an ever-increasing role in responding to natural disasters and a number of analytical techniques have been developed and tested in real-world emergencies;

2) There is a clear need for developing basic data on such things as the location of human habitations and administrative boundaries in developing countries in order to support disaster response; and

3) GDIN has much to gain from GIS interoperability initiatives that have already been demonstrated by OGC and GDIN should consider establishing a formal liaison with OGC.

David Baxa GIS/Remote Sensing Panel Coordinator


David Baxa
Vista Technologies


Jean-Yves Bouchardy

Dr. CamelleJ. Côté

Rhonda Davis

Carlos Mauco

Yaacov Bar-Lavi
Head of Control System Division in Disaster Situation, Government of Israel

Professor MA Shakhramanjyan

Dr. VI Larionov


The Professional Contribution and Integration of Israel in Management Systems for Disaster Situations - Based on GIS --Yaakov Bar-Lavi Director of Special Projects, Survey of Israel

Review of Open GIS Initiatives and Implications for GDIN OGC & The Web Mapping Testbed (WMT) --David B. Baxa

GIS and Disaster Services --Carmelle J. Côté, Ph.D. ESRI - Washington, DC

Remote Sensing and GIS Technology for the Detection and Mitigation of Natural Disasters --Dr. Barbara Theilen-Willige

GDIN Standards and Information Sharing Procedures: The UNHCR perspective --Dr. Jean-Yves Bouchardy, Chief Cartographer (UNHCR)

Additional Information

Remote Sensing and GIS Technology for the Detection and Mitigation of Natural Disasters--Dr.Barbara Theilen-Willige, Büro für Angewandte Geowissenschaftliche Fernerkundung (BAGF),