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Communities Working Group (formerly known as the Small Communities Working Group

Original Coordinator:

  • Bernard Joyce, Senior Research Fellow
    School of Earth Sciences
    University of Melbourne, Australia
  • The Working Group is the body that considered how GDIN could be of service to the governments of cities, counties, provinces and other sub-national governments. The Working Group also tries to identify local resources of value to the great GDIN community, link GDIN to local disaster managers.

    The Working Group also intended to examine both user requirements and existing disaster information systems and try to develop composite information management systems which incorporate the best features of existing systems.

Deliverables Provided at GDIN2002, Italy, June 2002:
  • Communities Working Group
    Program 2001-2002

    Pilot Project: Strengthening Community Resilience

    This project will collect, compile and analyse data on the information needs of communities, to provide a generic model for areas as diverse as the South Pacific, India, Madagascar and rural Australia. It will promote dialogue between communities, NGOs and government, and help place GDIN as an information broker with an understanding of community needs.

    Chronological list of actions:

    1. Prepare report on Working Group meetings held at GDIN2001 - DONE
    2. Prepare list of those attending Working Group meetings at GDIN2001 - DONE
    3. Send first email to all WG members, and also to GDIN executive and chairs of other WGs announcing web posting of 1 & 2 above. - DONE
    4. Compile list of community user needs from GD2001 WG meeting - DONE
    5. Send email 02 announcing web posting of 4 above - DONE
    6. Send all material to GDIN Forum for posting - DONE
    7. Dudley McArdle & Bernie Joyce to meet/discuss/plan 25th June 2001 at Macedon AEMI with Alan Hodges telephone conferencing - DONE
    8. And then email results (email 03) to all WG members for comment - in hand
    9. Report and discuss at GDIN Web Forum of Chairs in mid-July 2001 - NOW!
    10. Discussion with Alan Mearns of SOPAC at Macedon AIEM in mid-July - in hand
    11. Begin collecting information from
      • PNG
      • Cook Island
      • Solomons
      • India
      • Thailand
      using contacts provided by WG members
    12. Report to Forum of Working Groups end November 2001
    13. March 2002 Final report, ready for GD2001 in Rome Post to Forum and encourage discussion there also.
    14. Publish an agenda for GDIN2002 in Rome in June 2002 on GDIN Web site (Forum) well in advance of the conference (at the latest April 2002) together with a specific list of those who have been invited earlier and agreed to attend (aiming for at least ten major representatives of the Working Group's areas of interest).

    Bernard Joyce
    4th July 2001

Original Participants:
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