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Working Group on 

Native American Disaster Information Needs



  • Joe Garcia (San JuanPueblo), President,
    National Congress of American Indians
  • Glenda Davis  (Navajo Nation),  Chairperson of the Navajo GDIN Working Group
  • Larry Roeder, Executive Director, GDIN

General Goals

  • The body considers ways of helping the Native American Community address their disaster information needs and related emergency telecommunications needs.
  • Initial project is to develop a Native American Disaster Information Network as a part of the Global Disaster Information Network's Information Facilitator Service. Project leader of IF Service is Larry Roeder, Executive Director of GDIN.

Goals for 2007/2008  

  • Major Fundraising Event  

  • Begin Network

  1. September 13, 2007.  Mark it on your calendar.  Fundraising event at the Washington Office of the Navajo Nations. (details to be announced shortly)
  2. Begin Navajo Node in New Mexico and HQ buildup.
  3. Expand discussions with other tribes and NCAI to enhance partnerships.


  1. The working group was first found in 2003 in Washington, DC.
  2. August, 2003: Agreed on initial concept of Blueprint for Native American Intranet. Delivered in August, 2003.
  3. October/November 2003 and throughout the 2004-2007 timeframe:  Field trips to New Mexico Pueblo Nations, UN ISDR Headquarters, Geneva, OECD Paris, to develop partnerships and refine concept. 
  4. February 2004:  Agreement with Department of Interior and FEMA to mount major GDIN expedition to New Mexico/Arizona region to assess disaster information needs. Delivered February, 2004
  5. Revamped GDIN Standing Committee on Native American Disaster Information Needs. March, 2004 at GDIN2004, Washington, DC.
  6. GDIN Expedition to New Mexico and Arizona. Delivered, March/April, 2004 to Pueblos Laguna, Zia, San Juan and Santa Clara, as well as Navajo reservations.  
  7. 2004/2005 Self-Assessment Study conducted with OECD, Organziation of Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris.
  8. 20005-2007.  Further discussions, culminating in letter of endorsement in 2007 by President of Navajo Nation to supporting funding operation.

Current Participants:

  • Larry Winter Roeder, Jr.
    Executive Director, GDIN, Policy Advisor on Disaster Management, State/IO/SHA
  • Pierre Alein Schieb
    Director, Advisory Unit to the Secretary General, OECD, Member of Executive Committee, GDIN.
  • Joe Garcia
    Former Governor of Pueblo San Juan and President, National Congress of American Indians.
  • Glenda Davis
    Livestock Director, Navajo Nation
  • Richard Wadleigh
    Native American Liaison, US Department of Agriculture, APHIS
  • Joe Hesbrook
    Tribal Liaison, FEMA
  • David Baxa
    President, Vista Technology Services and President, GDIN Fund
  • Dr. Barry Perlman
    AMSRD-CER-TSP-GP, CERDEC, Fort Monmouth, NJ
  • Dr. Albert Simard
    Director of Knowledge Management, Natural Resources, Canada

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