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The South Sudan Online Project has been conducting an informal survey of explosive hazards and telecommunications problems at various villages. The information is based upon reports from relief works in the field, or NGO HQs.

Some of the things they are looking for include unexploded bombs, as seen in the picture at left. The survey began in Yambio, where an unexploded bomb was found by GDIN. GDIN also investigates reports of bombings in Lainya and Kaaya, in which some have alleged biological or chemical warfare.

For more information on these and other bombings, please the secretariat

1999 Trip Report by United Nations



The site contains many images of maps of Sudan and examples of the maps created with REMAPS. REMAPS was a prototype off-line mapping service that is being designed by the US Department of State and various NGO's for the benefit of relief workers.

At one time, Sudan on-line provided a free-mail service for relief workers involved in the Sudan crisis. If you want to use only one email address to send urgent messages to all other emergency workers, consider this service. This service is also useful for posting notices of meetings but only members of the humanitarian relief community may join.



These and other organizations have provided images to South Sudan Online: USAID, US Department of State, AICF/France, ADRA, AirServ, ARC and Save the Children, UK.

Technical assistance or advice was provided by Volunteers in Technical Assistance, CARE, Nairobi, CRS, the University of Texas, USAID, Medecins sans Frontieres USA, the British Museum, and the Unversity of Durham, UK.


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An example of REMAPS for South Sudan
Click here to see a evacuation map (~1.6 M image) built by the software based on hypothetical data at Gogrial, South Sudan. The map was used to demonstrate the how to solve the following problem. What would you do if you learned that a group of people was leaving point A for B because an outbreak of EBOLA has happened at point A? In less than five minutes, REMAPS told the user where air strips were in a designated area, which roads were mined, where the NGO's are and if they have vehicles, how to call the NGO's and where land mines might be. In addition, it allowed the used to map out a flight route for the displaced persons. The result is the attached map, which can be easily emailed or placed on a floppy, along with a narrative report. Behind the map is all the analysis that went into the development of the map. The entire package can then be sent to HQ, posted on ReliefWeb or be printed out for field staffs. Find out more on REMAPS...

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