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Vietnam Flooding: Satellite Imagery Flood Assessment
GDIN, Internation Product on Flooding in Vietnams' Mekong Delta.
19 September 2000

  1. The attached graphic depicts areas of flooding and saturation in Vietnam's Mekong River Delta as determined from the analysis of commercial RADARSAT International satellite imagery acquired at 1107Z on 18 September. Areas saturated with (flood?)water, depicted as light blue on the graphic, have been overlaid on a 1:1,000,000-scale map to produce the graphic.
  2. Flooding throughout the Mekong River Delta appears to be confined primarily to low-lying flood plains, agricultural areas, and marshes that are prone to seasonal riverine flooding. A review of the imagery showed that no significant population centers -- including Ho Chi Minh City and Tay Nihn -- were inundated with flood waters. Smaller population centers and lines of communication in the delta were impacted -- to some extent -- by flood waters.
  3. Commercial RADARSAT imagery was chosen as the satellite has the capability to image broad areas, such as the Mekong River Delta, and to discern flooded areas.
  4. According to Hanoi press reports, flood waters in the Mekong River Delta have reached their highest levels in the last 40 years. Over 100,000 homes have been destroyed and over 500,000 Vietnamese are at risk from the flooding. Flooding along the Mekong River has been on-going since mid-July.
  5. There are no restrictions on the dissemination or use of the attached imagery-derived product.

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