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Vietnam Flooding: Satellite Imagery Flood Assessment
GDIN, Internation Product on Flooding in Vietnams' Mekong Delta.
October 2000

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The graphic depicts areas of flooding and saturation along the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam as determined from the analysis of commercial RADARSAT imagery acquired on 29 October and compared to mid-September imagery. Areas of recent flooding are depicted as light blue on the graphic while the September flooding is depicted with hash marks. There are no restrictions on the dissemination or use of the graphic which can be shared with host-country and international disaster managers to facilitate disaster response and recovery efforts.

  • Mid-October imagery of the Mekong River Delta in Cambodia and Vietnam reveals that floodwaters have been slow to recede in both countries since mid-September.
  • Flooding remains confined primarily to lowland flood plains, agricultural areas, and marshes along the Mekong River Basin.
  • A model of the flood extent over a population database -- the USG-produced 1999 LandScan Population Database -- revealed that potentially eight million people have been displaced by the flooding.
  • According to international press reports, the floods have been among the most serious floods in the last four decades. Flood levels have exceeded the 1961 flood record in Vietnam, and have impacted more people than any other flood in Vietnamese history.