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GDIN ArchivesIndia Earthquake, January 2001

Response to India:

Special Report: India Quake Media Coverage - 8 February 2001(408K .pdf file)

Ikonos imagery over India earthquake area 27-JAN-2001–courtesy of Space Imaging:

This satellite image, taken by Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite on February 2, shows part of the town of Bhuj in Gujarat province, India. The main image and inset show damage to buildings resulting from the January 26 earthquake. Imagery is supplied courtesy of Space Imaging

Gujarat_state.jpg–Map of Gujarat, courtesy of Risk Management (RMI).

For maps of the towns affected by the earthquake, see East View Cartographic. The contact is Kent Lee at 763.550.0951 and their web site is
Space Imaging pre-earthquake imagery and a Landsat 7 scene (with location map) from before the earthquake.

india_quake_map_final2.JPG–source Rhett Rebold, Senior Imagery Analyst, Pacific Disaster Center (PDC).

Space Imaging Ikonos imagery acquired January 30, 2001).


We have completed the search over India and included in the following imagery are the results we found.
India PAN2-MAP.jpg
India PAN2-TAB.jpg
India Multi-MAP.jpg
India Multi-TAB.jpg
India PAN-MAP.jpg
India PAN-TAB.jpg
–source Maylian J. Pak, Client Solutions Specialist, Federal/Civilian, Department of Defense, and Universities, SPOT Image Corporation.

Dear Mr Roeder,

The Permanent Representative of India with WMO is Dr Ranjan Ratnakar Kelkar. I am sure he is working directly with national and international organizations through official channels.  Indian stands by to assist GDIN this effort on weather information, whether it is observational data or weather forecasts, Dr Kelkar should be contacted. I've copied his coordinates, below. Don't hesitate to contact me if you experience difficulties in establishing adequate communications for weather information.

Dr Ranjan Ratnakar Kelkar, India Meteorological Department, Director-General, Mausam Bhavan, Lodi Road, NEW DELHI 110 003, Telephone: + 91 11 461 1842, Telefax: + 91 11 469 9216,

Best regards,
Paul Llanso
Email: or

7.9 Earthquake Rocks Pakistan and India(856K ppt doc)–source Craig Chellis, PDC

Area Affected by Magnitude 7.9 Quake–source Craig Chellis, PDC

We do not have ready made maps over India, but we have programmed the data shown on the graphic. (Please note that each swath has not been framed yet.)–source Masako Endo, Client Services Representative - South/Central/Northeast Asia, RADARSAT International, Inc.

1 km global links provided by Ian Thomas, GIS & Remote Sensing Unit, Biological Resources Division, United States Geological Survey, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.
Rann Of Kutch Seasonal Salt Marsh
Thar Desert
Khathiar-Gir Dry Deciduous Forests
Northwestern Thorn Scrub Forests
No Tigers in the desert otherwise this might have helped
The Global Environmental Atlas

Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Center (EDM) made estimation of the damaged areas using the nighttime-light images by the DMSP (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program)/OLS (Operational Linescan System). Link made courtesy of Murata Mashiko of Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC).

India Earthquake Update #4–source PFEDA Project (Partners and Food in Emergency and Development Aid).

Information on both earthquakes can be seen on Emergency Management Gold! (Alerts Page). The page also contains information on other global disasters and complex emergencies as well. The Webmaster is a GDIN Information Work Group Facilitator–source David Crews, CEM.

Original Request:
GDIN Emergency Request

GDIN, the Global Disaster Information Network, is asking its partners to acquire data this morning to assess damage to population centers in western India from this morning's 7.9-magnitude earthquake. Please note that when possible, this information will be shared with all of our information partners in order to help the Indians obtain the best damage assessment maps possible.

Base maps of the impacted area tend to be very old, making the development of current maps difficult. We are seeking current (or as current as available) "street-level (1: 50,000 or better scale preferred, 1:100 accepted) of the following population centers: We will accept GIS (softcopy -- arcview, mapinfo...) maps or even hardcopy maps showing the cities and surrounding areas and can work out methods of delivery. Email information to   If you have hard copy maps, FEDEX them to GDIN's Virginia office at 26128 Talamore Drive, South Riding, Virginia 20152.

I would also mention that if you go to the GDIN Products section of you will find GDIN products on the Galapagos Islands oil spill and the El Salvador earthquake.

Finally, a thank you to SPOT, Space Imaging, and the European Space Agency for assistance in the El Salvador crisis.

City Rough Lat/Long
Ahmedabad 230400N/0723800E
Vadodara 222000N/0731330E
Surat 211200N/0725030E
Bhuj 231500N/0694000E
Gandi Dham 230700N/0700700E
Jamnagar 222800N/0700400E
Morbi 224900N/0705100E
Surendranagar 224500N/0714000E
Rajkot 222500N/0705000E

Hyderabad 252400N/0682000E

Larry W. Roeder, Jr. MS
Executive Director
GDIN, International