Myanmar One

What we do is for the common relief worker, so when he or she loads grain or other aid for an operation, it will get where it belongs.  For other products.

Picture taken of relief worker May, 2008, Bangkok, Thailand in support of relief efforts in Myanmar


Link to Analysis of Impact of Nargis on Agricultural Sector

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Humanitarian Information Centre for Myanmar, Opened May 2008

The Myanmar HIC, deployed in May 2008, provides information to the humanitarian community responding to the impact of Cyclone Nargis on the people of Myanmar. The site aggregates information from the IASC Clusters and their members, as well as providing operationally focused documents, maps, contact information and meeting details. Myanmar HIC is currently based in Bangkok providing support to the Humanitarian Partnership Team and other humanitarian partners in Yangon, as well as those based in Bangkok.  Click here to access the HIC-Myanmar website