Tropical cyclone, or tropical revolving storm (TRS), is a strong low pressure that causes strong winds. Tropical cyclones have different names in different sea areas:

– Hurricane (the Caribbean storm god Huracan) in the North Atlantic, Pacific, the northern parts of the date line, east of the Pacific south (160 longitudes). The hurricane season lasts from June to November.
Typhoon Pacific north-west frontier west of the date line. The word “typhoon” is a word or a Chinese Canton Fung (太 风), “high wind” (Mandarin “taifeng”). The source for the etymology of the typhoon can also be the ancient Greeks and storm god Tyfonista farsin توفان “tufon” sand storms.
Tropical Cyclone in other parts of the Indian Ocean and the south-west Pacific.

There are about 80 tropical hurricanes spotted every year in the world. About 15% of people live in areas where hurricanes occur. Although the number of each marine area varies greatly from year to year, it is likely that the sum of the world-wide hurricanes appears to remain very close to eighty each year.

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