How to Volunteer

There are several ways how you can volunteer to help disaster victims and support organizations that work hard to prevent disasters.

Natural disasters relief volunteers of the Lions Club

When natural disaster strikes, the Lions are at the forefront in providing emergency assistance to volunteers. When earthquake destroyed in Haiti, after Hurricane Katrina struck the United States and the earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused massive damage in Japan, the Lions were present to give an immediate and long-term major disaster relief.

Many of the local Lions to provide emergency assistance and disaster-affected communities, and their Foundation has awarded more than $ 50 million grants for the financing of humanitarian work. All of this international emergency aid, it is possible from around the world thanks to Lions’ generous donations.

Lions can help local communities in emergency preparedness and emergency aid to – and participate in the Lions’ emergency projects in other countries – a natural, man-made or subsequent medical treatment of an emergency.

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Red Cross

The American Red Cross is committed to helping vulnerable people around the world to prevent, prepare for, and respond to disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies, and life-threatening health conditions. Our emergency response and disaster preparedness programs provide relief and development assistance to millions of people annually who suffer as a result of natural and manmade disasters around the globe.

The Adventist Community Services (ACS)

The Adventist Community Services receives, processes, and distributes clothing, bedding, and food products. in major disasters, the agency brings in mobile distribution units filled with bedding and packaged clothing that is pre-sorted according to size, age, and gender. ACS also provides emergency food and counseling and participates in the cooperative disaster child care program.

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