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GDIN Products

What is a GDIN Product? Those who manage programs and projects like things to be concrete, so when touting a project, we tout our successes. Lots of maps have been generated through the GDIN partnership and can be viewed from the links below. We call them GDIN products because we either asked for them to be made, or because our partners generated them as a result of the relationship and said we should call them a GDIN map or image. 

GDIN's primary value is to try to facilitate linkage between users and providers, to help disaster managers find sources of information more effectively than now, and when needed, to facilitate the creation of unique products, such we did in in India during the floods in 2007 or in Turkey. We propose doing that mainly through Working Groups (which provide expert advise, develop reports, make recommendations, etc), a Virtual Operations Center and through user-provider databases and portals on the Web. Those are the true GDIN products.

The following page indexes specific unique sample GIS products coordinated by GDIN or posted on our web site at the request of various partners. For the most part, all GDIN GIS products are also shared with ReliefWeb. 

Myanmar Disaster, 2008

Indian Floods Uttar Pradesh Project 2007

Caribbean 2004-05

Asia 2004
Tsunami Asia December 2004

Haiti 2004
Haiti Crisis April 2004

Algiers 2003
Algiers Earthquake May 2003

Umm Qasr 2003
Map of Umm Qasr, Tuesday, April 8,2003
UmmQasr_03.ppt (736K) or UmmQasr_03.pdf (880K)

Mexico 2003
Mexico Earthquake January 22, 2003

Republic of the Congo (DRC) 2002
Volcano Nyiragongo January 2002
19Jan02NorthGoma.jpg (876K jpg file) /19Jan02SouthGoma.jpg (212K jpg file)

Colombia 2001
GDIN facilitated the acquisition of mitigation information from commercial satellite sources.

Ecuador 2001
Galapagos Islands Fuel-Oil Spill: Area of Heaviest Concentration, San Cristobal Island, Ecuador, January 2001 (356K jpg file)

El Salvador 2001
Earthquake Damage: Nueva San Salvador,El Salvador, January 2001 (632K jpg file)

India: 2001
(See report on India activities)

Mozambique: 2000 and 2001

Mozambique: Zambezi River Flooding between 26 FEB and 03 MAR 2001 derived on RADARSAT data (916K ppt file) or (872K jpg file)

Mozambique & South Africa: Population Distribution (252K jpg file)

Mozambique: Disaster Area 2000(272K jpg file)

Mozambique: Flood Zones (probable areas) 2000 (84K jpg file)

Mozambique Flooding February 2000 (Landsat) (548K jpg file)

Mozambique Flooding February 2000 (Radarsat) (256K jpg file)


South Sudan: Zaire/Rwanda Volcano Activity

Turkey: 1999

Earthquake Damage: Durince East, Turkey, August 1999 (432K jpg file)

Earthquake Damage: Durince West, Turkey, August 1999 (992K jpg file)

Earthquake Damage: Duzce, Turkey, November 1999 (52K jpg file)

Earthquake Damage: Golcuk West, Turkey, August 1999 (596K jpg file)

Ukraine, Zakarpatia: Flood events in Zakarpatia are reported to be as severe as 98/99 and follow the same pattern of mud slides and flooding. Scenario is a gradual warm up with a significant rain event that impacts the snow cover. Basically, the top meter or so of earth slides over the lower portion that remains frozen. I know that there are no flood gauges in the area and that Ukraine has asked the Hungarians for helicopter support. GDIN has reached out to its partners; but have not provided products; rather has pointed to efforts by others, in particular ReliefWeb, which has extensive reporting on the crisis.

Vietnam, 2000

Vietnam Flooding: Satellite Imagery Flood Assessment October 2000

Vietnam Flooding: Satellite Imagery Flood Assessment September 2000

Flood and Mudslides in Algiers, November 2001

India Earthquake, January 2001

Galapagos Islands Fuel-oil Spill, January 2001

El Salvador Earthquake, January 2001

Mozambique, February 2000

Vietnam Floods, September/October 2000

Turkish Earthquakes, August/November 1999