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June 18-22, 2002, Rome Italy

Sponsor: Dr. Raniero Guerra, MD, Director General, International Relations, Instituto Superiore di Sanita, Italy.

Statement by the United States Ambassador to Italy

Agenda (click here)

Venue of Conference: The conference was held at S. Spirito Monumental Building (near to S. Spirito Hospital) Borgo S. Spirito, 2, Rome. This was just next to Vatican City and held the Accademia de Storia Dell Arte Sanitaria, an ancient hospital formed by Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) and is now both a major modern working hospital as well as a beautiful museum to the history of medical care. Each room we used was in effect a gallery, some with exhibits individually worth over a million dollars each. See and

Rooms: A large high hallway capable of holding 800, was used for plenary sessions. Massive mobile wooden panels will divide the room up into a plenary chamber and a display chamber with room for the press. Behind this hall was a twin, which was used for displays and booths. Separate were six of seven chambers of various sizes, which were used for working group meetings and an office for the GDIN Staff. One hall in particular was designated for meetings by the Infectious Disease Working Group, because of the medical paintings on the walls.

Conference Language: Italian and English with simultaneous translation.

Amenities: The Conference Halls had a direct access to a room with ATM, a bar, restaurant and two large courtyards with fountains and covered edges which would be used for outdoor lunches and special events, to include a gala event on the penultimate night for guests and families. The exterior also has a number of areas for private talks, is just across from the Tiber River and seconds from St. Peters.

Initial Proposal


  GDIN2002 Participants

NAMELAST            title                                                         company

Abrahams , Jonathan     Acting Director  Development                         Emergency Management, Australia

Acton , Thom                                                                              Asia Pacific Area Network

Agnello , P.                                                                                ISPESL

Aguilars , Mario                                                                           Mexican National Commission of Fisheries

Alexandra , Arnold                                                                       GEOBASE Consultants Ltd.

Allen , Douglas             Senior Officer, Field Assessment & Coordination IFRC  Operations Support Department

                                Team (FACT)

Amanti , Marco                                                                            Italian Geological Survey

Ammann , Walter I.        Director  Department Natural Hazards                Swiss Federal Research Institute, SLF

Anderson , Peter Dr       Professor                                                   Simon Fraser University

Austin , Tom Al             Director of Weather Related Disaster Research   Iowa State University

Baker , Keith                                                                               Global Aerospace

Balducelli , C.                                                                              ENEA

Banninger , Clifford Dr.  Research Scientist                                       Joanneum Research, Institute for Digital Image


Barberot , Christina       Operations Assiciate                                    American Red Cross, International Disaster

                                                                                               Response Unit

Baxa , David                President                                                   Vista Technology Services

Becce , Michael            President/Chairman                                      MRB Public Relations, Inc/MRB Investor

                                                                                               Relations, LLC

Bellagamba , S.                                                                            ISPESL

Benouar , Djillali           Dr.                                                           University of Algiers (USTHB)

Berardi , S                                                                                  ISPESL

Bidder , Mark                                                                              Un OCHA, Nairobi

Blair , Robert                Disaster Response Team Leader                     USG: NIMA

Blong , Clair                International Affairs Division                           USG: FEMA

Bogliolo , M. P.                                                                            ISPESL

Bollettino , Vincenzo                                                                     Center Of Excellence

Briceno , Salvano         Director                                                     UN ISDR

Capparoni , A                                                                             Accademia di Storie dell Arte Sanitaria

Carter-Foster , Nancy Dr.                                                               Senior Advisor      USG: State/OES/EID  Room 4330

cgianuario , chrissy       webmistress                                               AmTech Technology Alliances

Chotani , Rashid          Assistant Professor & Director                         Global Infectious Diseases Surveillance & Alert

                                                                                               System -- Johns Hopkins

Chotani , Rashied                                                                        Johns Hopkins

Ciucci , A.                                                                                  ISPESL

Clemente , P.                                                                              ENEA

Cote (Côté)  , Carmelle   International Liaison/GIS Consultant                ESRI

J. CJ Tuborg

Coullahan , Robert        Senior Vice President & Certified Emergency      SAIC (Science Applications International Corp)


Deneufbourg , Guy L.     Secretary General  French Association for Natural            AFPCN

                                 Disaster Reduction

DI Bari

Donahue , Arnold         Project Director                                           NAPA

Echavarria , Fernando   Science Officer                                            USG: Department of State/OES

Engleman  , Ellen G.      President & CEO                                          US Department of Transportation

Eutizio , Vittori                                                                             ANPA -- National Enviromental Protection


Falcocchio , J.                                                                            PUNY

Fayyaz , Muhammad Faiz                                                               Executive Director  Human Survival and Development

Ferreli , Alberto             ANPA                                                        ANPA -- National Enviromental Protection


Fusco , Dr. Luigi           Head of Multi-mission Infrastructure Section  RSED           European Space Agency, ESA-ESRIN

gadomski , Adam M.                                                                     ENEA

Gagliardi , Ing. Leonardo                                                               Telespazio, S.p.A

Gariazzo , C.                                                                               ISPECL

Garshnek PhD , Victoria President                                                   Global Human Futures Research

Gasiewski , Dr. Albin      Physicist & Group Leader  Microwave               NOAA, Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric

                                Radiometry/Ocean Remote Sensing                 Research, Environmental Technology Lab

Ghazi , Anver Dr.          deceased Head of Biodiversity & Global Change  European Commission, Research Directorate-

                                Natural & Tech Hazards                                 General

Goldsmith , Victor                                                                        Pace College

Guerra , Raniero Dr. ,     Director General  International Relations           Istituto Superiore di Sanità


guidi , G.                                                                                   ispesl

Hacken , Jean              Deputy Director                                           USG: AID/OFDA

Haggarty , Alta             Coordinator                                               UN OCHA/ReliefWeb

Hart , Shirley M.            US Observer to UNESCO                               Embassy of the USA

Hays , Walter               Research Applications Scientist                      Global Institute for Energy and Env, Systems

                                                                                               @ Univ No Carolina

Hodges , Alan              Chairman, Emeritus of Executive Committee        GDIN Executive Committee

Huguley , Alan              NIMA --  Liaison Officer to the Department of State USG: NIMA

Johnson , Craig           Sales Director  Asia-Pacific                             RADARSAT

Johnson , Laurie          Manager  Risk Applications                            Risk Management Modeling Unit

Johnson , Russ                                                                           ESRI

Jubier , Dr. Alain           Programme Director  Environment and Earth      NATO, Scientific Affairs


Lake , Ronald              President and CEO                                      Galdos Systems Inc.

Langenbach , Randolph                                                                Private Contractor

Loretti , Alessandro , Dr.                                                                who

Ludovisi , Giancarlo                                                                     ISPESL

Luongo , Giuseppe                                                                      University of Naples

MARGOTTINI , Claudio                                                                 ENEA

Marinoi , A.                                                                                 ISPECL

Matarazzi , C                                                                               ASI

Matos Eric E.                                                                              College for Disaster Manage.. & Humanitarian


Mauro , Armando                                                                         Istituto Internazionale Stop Disasters

Mearns , Alan               Mr                                                            SOPAC

Memie , Bettina                                                                            WHO

Michetti , A.M.                                                                             ANPA -- National Enviromental Protection


Millillo , A.                                                                                  ENEA

Moyer , J. Alan             Technical Advisor on Military Communications   HA USEUCOM Mitre Corp

Mulenex , David            Science Counselor                                       US Embassy

Nelson , Clark                                                                             SPOT Image

Oborne , Michael          Director, Global Science Forum,  Multi-Disiplinary             OECD


Ogawa  , Dr. Yujiro        Executive Director                                        ADRC

Pacello , A.                                                                                 ENEA

Paleologos , Evan                                                                        Un. Of Geological Sciences

Pecci , M.                                                                                   ISPESL

Pelliccioni , A                                                                              ISPESL

Penate , Josè Alfredo                                                                    Coordinacion Prevencion Desastres Naturales

                                                                                               Centro America

Petal , Marla                 Project Director  Istanbul Community Impact       Bosphorus University


Petrovski , Jakim T.                                                                      Un. "St. Cyril and Methodius"

Powell , Secretary of                                                                     Department of State


Putman Cramer ,           Chief                                                        United Nations Office for the Coordination of

Gerhard JW                                                                               Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Quarantelli , Enrico L.     Research Professor                                      University of Delaware


Reitz , John                 Director                                                     Cubic

                                                                                               Asia Pacific Area Network

Rinaldini , A.                                                                               ISPESL

Rinaldis , D.                                                                               ENEA

Robbins , Karen Risa     President & CEO                                          AmTech Technology Alliances

Roeder , Larry Winter     Senior Policy Advisor on Disaster Management, US Department of State, IO/SHA

Rosi , Luca                  Psychologist, External Affairs Office                 Instituto Superiore di Sanita

ROSSO , Renzo

Sayed , A. Qadir                                                                          National Response Center, US Coast Guard

Schieb Pierre Alain        Advisory Unit to the SYG; Head of Future's         OECD


Schofield , John (Jack)  CEO                                                         Sensors Electronics, Inc.

Schwartz , Lee , Dr.        Geographer                                               USG: State/INR

Serva , L.                                                                                   ANPA -- National Enviromental Protection


Shepherd , Geoff                                                                         World Vision

Simard , Albert Dr.                                                                        Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest


Skillington , Jim                                                                          Disater News Network

Southwick , E. Michael   Deputy Assistant Secretary of State                   Office of the Vice President

Stevens , David                                                                           United Nations - Vienna International Centre

Stimplinski , Kathleen                                                                   State/IO/.OIC

Tadili , Benaissa                                                                          Scientific Institute, Departement de physique

                                                                                               du globe

Thot-Thompson , Janet I.                                                              Associate Director  ACCESS  U. Of IL  Urbana-  National Center for Supercomputing